Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry - Ephesians 4:12

Articles by Dr. Gary S. Linton

Starting a new church or ministry is one of the most rewarding things you can do to advance the gospel, but it can also be very challenging. With over 40 years of church planting and ministry experience, Dr. Linton's passion is to encourage, support and equip pastors and church leaders.

  • 10 Reasons Christians Don’t Pray

    The average Christian spends less than 10 minutes per day in prayer. Jesus said we should always pray and not to faint. Why don’t we spend more time in prayer?

  • 10 Signs of Jesus’ Return

    We can’t know exactly when Jesus will return, but we can see signs relevant to when Jesus’ return is near. His return may be nearer than we might think.

  • 12 Hindrances to Prayer

    To have an effective prayer life we must remove all hindrances to our prayers. If our prayer life isn’t fruitful we must find the root cause and reverse it.

  • 12 Scriptures on Being Faithful to God

    God is not looking for perfect people, He is simply searching for those who will be devoted to Him.

  • 13 Characteristics of Biblical Counselors

    Biblical counselors point people to the Word of God. They must tell them what God says concerning their situation in order to help them with the problems of life.

  • 13 Scriptures on Friendship

    The friends we choose can change our lives forever. If we choose the wrong type of friend, they can cause irreparable damage.

  • 14 Benefits of the Word of God

    The Bible is a living instruction book that brings blessing and hope to all who read it. The Bible was written by men, but God is the author.

  • 2 Chronicles 7:1-3 – When Solomon Finished Praying

    Praying through! When Solomon had finished praying. At the dedication of the temple, Solomon prayed until he had finished – he prayed until God released him.

  • 20 Scriptures Declaring Our Deliverance

    Scriptures Declaring and Decreeing Your Deliverance! Deliverance is coming your way. God is even now bringing deliverance into your life and situation.

  • 2018: Expectations for the New Year

    God promises in the coming new year the germination of the seeds and the harvest will occur in the same month. Let’s expect great things from the Lord this coming year!

  • 35 Scriptures on Victory

    Victory was God’s original intention for all mankind, but victory was forfeited through the fall. God desires to restore victory to His church and His people.

  • 5 Ministries of the Holy Spirit

    There are two extremes regarding the ministry of the Holy Spirit. One over emphasizes manifestations, while the other denies their existence.

  • 6 Categories of Sin

    There are five definitions or categories that sin falls under. As born again children of God, we should feel deep conviction when we transgress any of these areas.

  • 6 Facts About Tithing

    The house of God is neglected when the ones He has called cannot devote all their time to the ministry. The tithe is what God designated to provide for His house.

  • 7 Benefits of Trials and Suffering

    Suffering is a very real issue in the body of Christ. It’s something that affects everyone in one way or another. There are 7 results of suffering in Christians.

  • 7 Christmas Promises in Matthew 1:23

    Matthew 1:23 is a prophecy of the coming of Christ and an announcement the first Christmas.

  • 7 Scriptures on the Grace of God

    Grace is defined as the unmerited or undeserved favor of God. While mercy is not giving us what we deserve, grace is giving us what we don’t deserve.

  • 8 Benefits of the Blood of Christ

    There are an abundance of benefits in the blood Jesus shed for us on Calvary. The benefits of His blood do little good unless we apply them to our lives.

  • 8 Bible Verses on the Faithfulness of God

    God’s faithfulness is displayed throughout the Bible and is still testified to by people today.

  • 8 Requirements to Benefit from the Word

    If we are going to receive the full benefit from the Word of God there are specific prerequisites which must be implemented. Let’s make full benefit of God’s Word!

  • 9 Tips to Effective Preaching

    The Bible is full of examples of those who were effective preachers. Peter was so effective in his preaching that thousands were saved. You too can be effective.

  • A Biblical Analysis of the 12-Step Program

    In this article, I comment briefly on each of the twelve steps, highlighting both the truth and error of the step compared to scripture.

  • Are you a Pastor or a Preacher?

    Many churches have great preachers, but much more is involved with the pastor’s job than just preaching. The Sunday sermon only highlights what a pastor does.

  • Are You a Victim or a Victor?

    God’s design is that we make the things life throws at us into stepping stones to victory, taking us to higher ground. Victory is God’s purpose for you!

  • Arguments for God’s Existence

    This study was written to enlighten genuine seekers, strengthen the faith of those who believe, enrich the knowledge of God, and provide ammunition to soldiers of the cross.

  • Asserting Your Authority

    If anything is going to be accomplished in the natural or spiritual realms, you must assert your God-given authority.

  • Attributes of God: Essence and Substance

    It’s difficult for a finite mind to comprehend an infinite God. Trying to understand God with a finite mind is like trying to put the Atlantic ocean in glass.

  • Attributes of God: Moral Attributes

    In this study we will be dealing with God’s moral attributes. His holiness, righteousness, goodness, mercy, grace, and faithfulness.

  • Attributes of God: Non-Moral Attributes

    The attributes of God are the inherent characteristics closely associated with God. In this study Dr. Linton will be discussing God’s non-moral attributes.

  • Bible Commentary and Reference Guide

    Studying commentaries from other teachers is a must if you want to be a good expositor of the Word.

  • Biblical Hermeneutics: Guidelines to Proper Interpretation of Scripture

    Hermeneutics has the same relationship to exegesis that a rule-book stands to a game. The rules are not the game, but the game is meaningless without the rules.

  • Biblical Versus Psychological Counseling

    Although biblical and secular counseling have common elements, there are vast differences between them.

  • Bitter Root Expectancy

    When negative things happen over and over again, we start to expect the worse.

  • Can a Woman be a Pastor?

    Regardless of what you think about women in ministry, many are being used of God to affect people’s lives for His glory.

  • Canonicity of the Bible

    The canon is a list of books included in the Bible officially accepted as inspired of God.

  • Chosen By God

    God sought after us, not us after Him. It was only by the exercise of His own will that we were brought forth, born of Him, and are living for Him today.

  • Christmas: Making Room for Jesus

    Will you provide a place for Jesus in your heart and life this Christmas season?

  • Church Planting Guide for Beginners

    Planting a church is one of the most rewarding things you can do to advance the kingdom, but it can also be very challenging.

  • Differences Between the Old and New Covenants

    The first or old covenant was between a holy God and sinful man. Was there anything wrong with the first covenant? Of course not.

  • Does the Holy Spirit Ever Leave a Believer?

    Is there a point in which God’s Spirit ceases to deal with man? Does Holy Spirit ever give up on us, stop convicting and working in our life us and leave us to our own devices?

  • Easter Resurrection: He is Risen

    We pray each of you has a blessed and glorious Easter, your church services are anointed, filled to overflowing.

  • Evangelism Through Small Groups

    Small group evangelism is a great way for pastors and church leaders to integrate community outreach into their congregation.

  • Evidentiary Support for the Authenticity of Scripture

    We don’t have to take a blind leap of faith to believe the Bible is the Word of God.

  • Expressions of Worship

    Worship should be the focus of every Christian. Worship will be the primary focus in heaven. Here we will be sharing some Biblical expressions of worship.

  • Falling Short of the Grace of God

    God’s grace is not determined by what we do. If we can’t do anything to earn it, is it possible to lose it?

  • Feeding the 5,000

    Day-to-day ministry may not be as exciting as a special event or crusade but it’s very necessary. The local church is a lot of work, but very necessary.

  • God is Able

    Do you believe God can do anything? Is there something you’re facing that makes you wonder if God is able to handle it? There are six accounts in the Bible where God declared that nothing is too difficult for Him.

  • Guidelines to Fasting and Prayer

    Fasting is an example set for us by Jesus. As Christians, we can’t go wrong following His example.

  • Hebrews 12:1 – Running the Race

    We must run the race with endurance and perseverance. Participants in a race encounter roadblocks, diversions and fatigue, the Christian life is no exception.

  • How to be Faithful to God

    God is not looking for perfection or people who seem to have it all together. He is simply searching for those who will be committed and faithful.

  • How to Begin Time with God in Prayer

    Being a Christian is about having relationship with God. It’s all about getting to know our Lord and Savior. We should all strive to have daily time with Him.

  • How to Build Faith in Prayer

    Faith is a great asset to an effective prayer life. If unbelief is a hindrance then faith promotes powerful praying.

  • How to Experience an Abundant Life

    God’s plan and design for us is to experience abundance of life. Most never experience life to the extent they were meant to. Jesus came to give us an abundant life.

  • How to Experience Financial Grace

    Financial breakthroughs are coming your way. God wants His people to experience monetary success and prosperity even in times of hardship in the world.

  • How to Grow a Small Church

    Growing a small church can be a tremendous challenge, but there are proven ways to take your ministry to the next level.

  • How to Know if You are Being Led by the Holy Spirit

    Being led by the Holy Spirit is a major characteristic of the believer and a integral part of Christian living. Dr. Linton explains how to be led by the Spirit.

  • How to Lead Someone to Jesus

    The Bible makes it clear that every person must have an experience with Jesus through the Holy Spirit to be saved from hell and go to heaven.

  • How to Motivate Your Congregation

    God wants all believers to be involved in their local congregation. How can pastors motivate members to be more fruitful and productive?

  • How to Pray in the Spirit

    Praying in the Spirit has always been a subject of controversy. We all need the help of the Holy Spirit to pray. Dr. Linton explains How to Pray in the Spirit.

  • How to Pray Like Jesus

    Every Christian should desire to be more like Jesus. One of the most effective ways to be more like Him is to emulate His prayer life. Six easy steps to imitate the Master’s prayer life.

  • How to Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

    Is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for believers today? Is speaking in tongues the initial evidence of the Spirit’s baptism? Can we receive this experience today?

  • How to Resist Temptation

    When we succumb to sin, we are in danger of becoming its slave. Like fish going after a shiny lure, if we take the bait, death ensues. God’s design is victory!

  • How to Study the Bible

    One of the best ways to study the Bible is by using the inductive method.

  • How to Study the Book of Revelation

    Many Christians find it hard to study the book of Revelation, while others believe it is impossible to interpret.

  • If You Could ask God for Anything

    If you could ask God for whatever you wanted, what would you ask for? When asked such a question, the first thing that enters our minds reveals our priorities.

  • Impacting the World

    We will never be able to make a real impact on our society through legislation and programs alone. Things only done in the flesh are doomed to failure.

  • Introduction to Apologetics

    Denying the inerrancy of scripture is the first step in theological liberalism. Once we begin doubting the infallibility of the Bible, it’s a slippery slope.

  • Is Prayerlessness a Sin?

    When we fail to pray for people, even those in rebellion, we sin against the Lord! Prayerlessness, not praying, is to sin against our Lord.

  • Itinerant Ministry Guide

    Whether you have a music, teaching or preaching ministry, Evangleist or Revivalist there are ethical guidelines that must be considered when ministering in another person’s church.

  • James 1:1 – Scattered Christians

    After accepting Jesus, many were ostracized by their families, the religious community, and society in general. James addresses these believers as scattered.

  • James 1:22-25 – Doers of the Word

    Do we put into practice what we hear from God’s Word? We should be doers of the Word, not hearers only. What’s our response when we hear the Word is preached?

  • John 2: The Advice of a Mother

    In John 2, Mary gives a bit of advice to servants at a wedding feast. Can you imagine the miracles that would take place if we would heed her advice?

  • Joshua 1:1-5: Taking the Land – The Next Generation

    God is raising up a new generation of spiritual warriors, who will far surpass all that their predecessors accomplished.

  • Keys to Effective Praying

    What are the secrets to having an effective prayer life? The goal of prayer is seeing God’s will implemented in the affairs of men. Effective praying is possible.

  • Mark 16:2-4: The Hope of Easter

    Easter, as it did for the disciples, brings fresh hope into our life and situation.

  • My Personal Prayer Time

    Daily time with Jesus is the most important thing we will ever do. This is an outline of my prayer time each day. Hopefully, this will give you a beginning in your own personal journey with God.

  • Names of God

    Those who know His name, God promises to deliver, set us securely on high, answer when we call, be with us in trouble, protect, rescue, honor, satisfy and save us.

  • Opposing Views to the Existence of God

    The United States was founded on Biblical principles, but in recent years we’ve seen a growing opposition to the things of God.

  • Pastoral Prisons

    Pastors battle many types of prisons. Prisons that hinder their call and prisons that are positive.

  • Persistence in Prayer

    Persistence in prayer is praying through – praying until you have the answer you are seeking from God. Never Quit – Never become fainthearted or give up praying.

  • Positioning Yourself to Hear the Voice of God

    Hearing from God is a must if we are going to pursue Him, His will and be all He has called us to be and do. God is still speaking today, we must simply tune into His voice.

  • Praying Scripture

    There’s power in praying God’s Word. God’s Word brings life, light and the Holy Spirit into every life and situation. God’s Word is the sword of the Spirit and it cuts to the heart of things.

  • Praying the Will of God

    Praying the will of God is a must. Many pray for things that may or may not be God’s will. It’s paramount we discover the will of God and pray accordingly.

  • Preparing to Worship

    Worship is something we choose to do, even when we don’t feel like it.

  • Prosperous Pastoring

    God wants you be prosperous in your ministry and pastoring. This is His purpose for all those He has called and ordained into the ministry. This is God’s will and design for all of His people, but especially for pastors.

  • Psalm 37: Taking the Land

    Taking the land not only refers to Israel entering the promise land, but believers entering into all God has for them.

  • Q & A on Speaking in Tongues

    Many have testified God so filled them with His Spirit they had to ask God to stay His hand. Dr. Linton answers your questions about speaking in tongues.

  • Responsibilities Under the New Covenant

    The new covenant is a contract between God the Father and God the Son and both lived up to their side of the contract. Does man have any responsibilities under this covenant?

  • Sample Church Bylaws

    The first documents a new church needs to develop are its constitution, bylaws and statement of faith.

  • Sample Marriage Ceremony and Wedding Vows

    This sample marriage ceremony is a combination of meaningful scriptures mixed with traditional wedding vows.

  • Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?

    The sabbath was set apart by God to give people a day to rest from their labors. They turned it into legalism which bound Christians up instead of giving them rest.

  • Spiritual Warfare: Binding the Strong Man in Prayer

    To accomplish anything in the natural or spiritual realm, we must engage in spiritual warfare. It’s time God’s people wage war against the enemy of the souls of mankind.

  • The Authority of the Believer

    God has given the church authority and victory in both the natural and spiritual realms where He is head over all things. It’s high time we exercise our authority.

  • The Blessed Hope of the Believer

    Hope is a necessity of life, and the enemy of our souls attempts to drain every ounce of it from us that he can.

  • The Calling of the Disciples

    Discipleship is conformity to Chrsit and the process of training a believer to carry on the work of Jesus. All are called to be and make disciples.

  • The Church’s Responsibility to Its Pastor

    The church has a responsibility to its pastor. Churches often lose great pastors because they minister without ever feeling appreciated.

  • The Church’s Responsibility to Visiting Ministries

    This visiting ministry guide is directed toward the church’s responsibility to preachers, evangelists and musicians who come into the church to minister.

  • The Deity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

    Jesus was and is more than a great teacher, prophet or priest – He is the living Son of God, God incarnate, God Almighty! If He is not God we have the wrong Jesus.

  • The Existence of God Assumed in Scripture

    The Bible assumes the existence of God without attempting to prove it. Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning, God.” God is simply there! The Bible is God’s letter to us revealing Himself to us.

  • The Fivefold Ministry

    The fivefold ministry is more than those gifted by God but are themselves gifts to the body of Christ. They are actually the gifts God has given to the church.

  • The Four Beasts of Revelation

    The four beast mentioned in the Book of Revelation are types of angelic beings, possibly cherubims or seraphims.

  • The Future of the Church

    What is the future of the church? Where is the church of the twenty-first century heading? What will the church be like in the days to come?

  • The Importance of Using Scripture in Prayer

    I have found that praying scripture is the best way to pray. God’s Word is so much more powerful than anything I could ever say to Him of myself.

  • The Lord’s Prayer

    Prayer should be the very heartbeat of the Christian life, and the Lord’s prayer is a perfect example of how we should pray.

  • The Pastor’s Responsibility to the Church

    The privilege and responsibility God gives pastors is to shepherd those who belong to Him. It’s a great honor and a heavy burden.

  • The Power of Praise

    There is tremendous power in praise. Praise can do miraculous things in, through and for us. Let’s make praise and worship an integral part of our life.

  • The Purpose of Praise and Worship

    Praise and worship should be a part of every Christian’s life, but there are also clear Biblical reasons to worship God.

  • The Significance of Foot Washing

    Should foot washings be practiced by the church today? The account of foot washing is given in John 13:1-17 and was an example Jesus set for us to follow.

  • The Source of Joy

    Happiness is the level of the soul dependent on outward circumstances whereas joy is a spiritual quality independent of outward circumstances. Find the source of joy!

  • The Trinity: Illustrations and Examples

    Below are several scriptural and non-scriptural illustrations and examples of the Trinity. No illustration is perfect, but they help us understand who God is.

  • The Trinity: One God, Three Persons

    There is only one God. This fact is made clear throughout scripture. However, there are three persons eternally existent in the one God.

  • The Trinity: The Unity and Oneness of God

    It is extremely important that we be well equipped and versed in what we believe concerning the trinity.

  • The “I AM’s” of Jesus Christ

    Jesus wants to be more than an historical figure. He desires to be personally meaningful to us.

  • Theories of Inspiration of Scripture

    The Bible is the most unique literary work in all of history, containing the very revelation of God.

  • True Spirituality

    The Pharisees seemed outwardly perfect but Jesus called them hypocrites. How can we tell if we are really spiritual?

  • Twelve Steps Versus the Church

    The twelve-step recovery program is one of the primary tools the world uses to help people overcome addiction. Is that a good thing?

  • Understanding the Call of God

    Being in the ministry can be full a joy. It can also be difficult at times. Only those called of God will survive. Are you sure you are called into the ministry?

  • Unity, Fellowship and Inclusiveness

    Jesus paid the price that all might be included into His kingdom and family. It’s all-inclusive. He is the only common denominator for true unity and inclusiveness.

  • What the Bible Says About Mediums

    When we seek guidance from mediums we are trusting in the familiar spirits they are consulting instead of God. The Bible forbids consulting with mediums.

  • When God Says No

    There are an abundance of scripture about God answering prayer. God at times says no in answer to prayer. When He does so, He always has our good in view.

  • When will the Rapture Happen?

    When Jesus returns for us is not nearly as important as the fact He will return. Our personal view of the rapture is peripheral theology, we don’t have to agree.

  • Where is God in Our Pain?

    There are times when God seems to withdraw from us. He allows this so a hunger and thirst will be cultivated within us.