Benefits of Trials and Suffering

by | Updated January 11th, 2020

Suffering is a very real issue in the body of Christ. It’s something that affects everyone in one way or another. It may come in the form of financial hardship, physical problems, relationships and a myriad of other things.

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Jacob, though very prosperous, went through so much in his life that he cried out in Genesis 42:36, “All these things are against me.” This is an issue that is seldom addressed in the body of Christ. Peter wrote an entire book in the Bible about it. In fact, there are at least one verse in every chapter in 1 Peter dealing specifically with suffering.

Benefits of Trials and Suffering in a Believer’s Life

Prayer: “Lord help us to endure and continue to trust you in all we may be going through. Help us not to quit or become fainthearted but to remain faithful to you. Thank you Jesus for seeing me through to victory! In Jesus name, amen.”

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