Victorious Living

Grace, joy and victory are a few of the topics covered here by Ministrymaker’s church leaders, teachers, and contributors.

“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” – Martin Luther

  • Are You a Victor or a Victim?

    It’s not God’s design for people to become victims of the things that happen to them. He wants to take us to higher ground.

  • Asserting Your Authority

    If anything is going to be accomplished in the natural or spiritual realms, you must assert your God-given authority.

  • Authority of the Believer

    God has given the church authority and victory in both the natural and spiritual realms where He is head over all things. It’s high time we exercise our authority.

  • Benefits of Trials and Suffering

    Suffering is a very real issue in the body of Christ. It’s something that affects everyone in one way or another.

  • Bitter Root Expectancy

    When negative things happen over and over again, we start to expect the worse. This bitter root within us not only affects us, but those around us.

  • Breaking Generational Curses: 7 Places Jesus Bled

    Is it possible to have a curse on your life, a business, ministry, or family? Can a curse pass on to succeeding generations?

  • Encompassed About

    In all situations of life, God promises to encompass us with His presence, power, and protection.

  • Financial Grace

    Financial breakthrough is coming your way. God wants His people to experience prosperity even in hard times.

  • God is Able

    Do you believe God can do anything? There are six accounts in the Bible where God declared that nothing is too difficult for Him.

  • God’s Plan for Victory

    Victory was God’s original plan for mankind, but it was forfeited through the fall, and is restored through the cross.

  • Grace for Every Need

    Grace is defined as the unmerited or undeserved favor of God. While mercy is not giving us what we deserve, grace is giving us what we don’t deserve – grace for every need.

  • Greater Things

    Nathanael’s encounter with Jesus revealed the secrets of his heart and gave him hope for greater things in life.

  • Handle It

    The situation that you are running from and avoiding, God is calling you to handle. It will not change, until you handle it.

  • Keys to an Abundant Life

    God’s plan for us is to experience abundant life. If we are going to have abundance in life we have to be determined to never give up.

  • Life Restored

    Many people are breathing, but they are not living. God wants His people to have life more abundantly.

  • Relationships Restored

    Jesus came to restore our relationship with God through salvation. When this happens you are new creation, born again.

  • Running the Race

    We must run the race God has set before us with endurance and perseverance. Participants in a race encounter roadblocks, diversions and fatigue, the Christian life is no exception. We must keep pressing on.

  • Sources of Joy

    If God’s desire is to fill His people with joy, why does joy elude us? How can we tap into the joy of the Lord?

  • Taking the Land

    Taking the land not only refers to Israel entering the promise land, but believers entering into all God has for them.

  • Taking the Land: The Next Generation

    God is raising up a new generation of spiritual warriors who will far surpass all that their predecessors accomplished.

  • The Battle is Not Yours

    Many times we get caught up fighting battles that God never intended for us to fight.

  • Vision Restored

    God not only gives you a vision, but He restores a vision for your life.