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Ministrymaker Store offers faith-building resources to strengthen the church by equipping believers for the work of the ministry. Download any or all of the ebooks (in PDF format) for a donation of any amount to help support Ministrymaker Ministries. We pray these works increase your understanding of the Word and service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Books by Dr. Gary S. Linton

With over 40 years of church planting and ministry experience, and doctorate degrees in apologetics, theology, and church development, Dr. Linton’s passion is to equip, encourage and strengthen pastors and their churches.

Minding Your Manners in Ministry – This guide deals with ministerial ethics in a very practical way. Whether the congregation, pastor, or itinerant minister, there are ethics which must be observed by all. Discover how we “ought to conduct ourselves” in the household of God.
Bibliology: The Doctrine of Scripture – Bibliology refers to the nature of the study of the Bible. This book covers topics such as canonicity, inspiration, authenticity, and hermeneutics.
Theology Proper: The Doctrine of God – Theology proper is a sub-discipline of systematic theology which deals specifically with the existence, being, attributes, and trinity.
Victorious Living: God’s Design – This book explains (from different perspectives) how believers can walk in victory. We are meant to be overcomers of all that life throws at us. Victory is yours!
The New Believers Manual – This manual will not only help you disciple new converts, it will show you how to train an army of spiritual warriors!
Church Planting and Development – This book will impart guidance, encouragement, and steadfastness to those who feel the call of God to become a pastor, start a church, or restructure an existing ministry.
Prayer: Power and Intimacy with God – This book answers your questions concerning prayer and reveals powerful ways to develop a more effective and meaningful prayer life.

Books by Rev. Dennis L. Kutzner

Dennis Kutzner is certified in Risk Assessment for Churches and Schools by Cambridge University and serves as an associate consultant with Church Doctor Ministries specializing in Risk Assessment. Rev. Kutzner is also the General Overseer of CMIGLOBAL.

Establishing a Local Church – This manual provides practical guidelines relative to structure and governance in initiating a local church from the ground up, paying particular attention to Biblical New Testament examples.

Books by Dr. Paul E. Paino

Dr. Paino pastored one of the great churches in America and was known around the world as an anointed preacher, church builder, encourager, and restorer. His works are an asset to anyone, but are especially beneficial to pastors and church leaders. The following ebooks and training manuals are offered as free downloads.

Go Up to Bethel – A powerful series and exposition of Genesis 35 focusing on Jacob’s numerous trips to Bethel. This book will move you to apply Jacob’s experience at Bethel to your own life.
Is the Holy Spirit Real? – In the pages of this wonderful book, Dr. Paino shares the four-fold ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. After reading this book you will develop a new and fresh relationship with the third person of the Godhead.
Why I Believe in the Ministry of Tongues – In this booklet, Dr. Paino unlocks some of the mysteries and unanswered questions regarding the ministry and gift of speaking in tongues.
Our Father’s Promises – Our Father’s Promises touches on the promise, purpose, and power of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. This book will enrich your relationship with the Spirit of God.
The Missing Element in Church Development – Praying and great preaching alone will not bring sustainable growth to a church. Restructuring is needed at each new plateau of growth. A valuable resource for pastors and their leadership.
The Ministry: What’s Right? What’s Wrong? A book dealing with ministerial ethics in the church. A much needed resource for pastors, evangelist, and other itinerant ministries.
Elders and Deacons Manual – Dr. Paino pastored one of the great churches in America. This manual is a must for training your church leadership.

The School of the Bible

The School of the Bible is a twelve-volume teaching program that offers classes and profiles for grades 1-12, including training charts for teachers and school superintendents. Dr. Paino developed this perpetual system so churches would never have to purchase Sunday school curriculum again.

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