Prayer, Fasting and Seeking God

Topics like effective praying, fasting, worship, and the Lord’s Prayer are covered here by Ministrymaker’s church leaders, teachers, and contributors.

“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” – Martin Luther

  • Authority of the Believer

    God has given the church authority and victory in both the natural and spiritual realms where He is head over all things. It’s high time we exercise our authority.

  • Building Faith in Prayer

    Faith is a great asset to an effective prayer life. If unbelief is a hindrance to prayer then faith promotes powerful praying.

  • Expressions of Worship

    While there are different ways to worship God, He’s not as concerned about how we express our praise and worship, but that we continue to worship Him.

  • Guidelines to Fasting and Prayer

    Fasting is primarily the act of willingly abstaining food and drink. Fasting is not to be ritualistic. Fasting must have a specific purpose in mind, what we want to accomplish as a result of our fast.

  • He’s Able- Lyrics by Paul E. Paino

    He’s able, He’s able,
    I know He’s able, I know my Lord is able to carry me through.

  • Hindrances to Prayer

    To have an effective prayer life we must remove all hindrances to our prayers. If our prayer life isn’t fruitful we must find the root cause and reverse it.

  • How to Pray in the Spirit

    Praying in the Spirit has always been a subject of controversy. We all need the help of the Holy Spirit to pray. Dr. Linton explains How to Pray in the Spirit.

  • How to Pray in the Will of God

    Praying the will of God is a must. Many pray for things that may or may not be God’s will. It’s paramount we discover the will of God and pray accordingly.

  • If You Could Ask God for Anything

    If you could ask God for whatever you wanted, what would you ask for? When asked such a question, the first thing that enters our minds reveals our priorities.

  • Jesus’ Pattern of Prayer

    Every Christian should desire to be more like Jesus. One of the most effective ways to be more like Him is to emulate His prayer life. Eight steps to imitate the Master’s prayer life.

  • Keys to Effective Praying

    What are the secrets to an effective prayer life? The goal of prayer is to see God’s will implemented in the affairs of men.

  • Persistence in Prayer

    Persistence in prayer is praying through – praying until you have the answer you are seeking from God. Never Quit – Never become fainthearted or give up praying.

  • Personal Prayer Guide

    Developed over a period of 40 years, here is an outline (with scriptures) of my daily prayer time.

  • Positioning Yourself to Hear the Voice of God

    God is still speaking today, we must simply tune into His voice.

  • Prayerlessness a Sin

    When we fail to pray for people, even those in rebellion, we sin against the Lord. Prayerlessness is sin.

  • Preparing for Worship

    Worship is something we choose to do, even when we don’t feel like it. Worship is a Willful Act – It is something we choose to do!

  • Solomon’s Prayer of Dedication

    At the dedication of the temple, Solomon prayed until until God released him.

  • Spiritual Warfare: Binding the Strong Man

    To accomplish anything in the natural or spiritual realm, we must engage in spiritual warfare. It’s time God’s people wage war against the enemy of the souls of mankind.

  • The Lord’s Prayer: Matthew 6:9-13

    Prayer should be the heartbeat of the Christian life, and the Lord’s prayer is a perfect example of how we should pray.

  • The Power of Praise

    There is tremendous power in praise. Praise can do miraculous things in, through and for us. Let’s make praise and worship an integral part of our life.

  • Tongues Series: A Sign

    Tongues are a sign to the unbeliever. They have a way of getting the unbeliever’s attention so they can hear the gospel. It’s also the initial sign of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

  • Tongues Series: Desire Spiritual Gifts

    Paul urges Spirit-filled people to desire, covet, seek after spiritual gifts. Let’s seek God for power from on high that the gifts might be manifest in His church.

  • Tongues Series: Edifies the Church

    We edify ourselves as we pray and sing in the Spirit and tongues and interpretation edifies the Church. This is why in the ministry of tongues is so needed.

  • Tongues Series: Members of One Body

    As you consider carefully the gifts of the Spirit, you will discover an increasing hunger in your heart for more of God and His fullness in your life.

  • Tongues Series: My Spirit Prayeth

    When we pray in tongues it’s our human spirit that is praying – it’s not the Holy Spirit, but us. Our spirit moved upon by the Holy Spirit prays.

  • Tongues Series: Paul’s Desire for Us

    The ministry of tongues was Paul’s desire for every believer. If it was Paul’s desire, we must conclude it is God’s desire for the believer.

  • Tongues Series: Power From on High

    The last admonition Jesus gave His disciples was to wait for an enduement of power from on high. God-given POWER! Heaven sent POWER! Holy Ghost POWER!

  • Tongues Series: Self Edification

    The ministry of tongues is for self edification. When we pray and speak with other tongues we are building up and strengthening our inner man.

  • Tongues Series: Speaketh Mysteries

    When a believer speaks in tongues, he is actually speaking mysteries to God. He is speaking, NOT TO MEN, but to God (1 Corinthians 14:2).

  • Tongues Series: Speaketh Unto God

    When speaking in tongues we’re speaking directly to God. You can’t imagine the communion the ministry of tongues affords the believer until you’ve experienced it.

  • Tongues Series: Thou Givest Thanks Well

    Scriptures teach when one speaks with tongues he is giving thanks to God ( 1 Corinthians 14:17). This was to encourage it’s usage – not to destroy it.

  • What is the Purpose of Praise and Worship?

    Praise and worship should be a part of every Christian’s life, but there are also clear Biblical reasons to worship God.

  • Whatever Happened to the Praying Church?

    Prayer is one of the most untapped resources of the church today. Whatever happened to the prayer meetings of yesteryear?

  • When God Says No

    There are an abundance of scripture about God answering prayer. God at times says no in answer to prayer. When He does so, He always has our good in view.

  • Why Christians Don’t Pray

    The average Christian spends less than ten minutes each day in prayer. Why don’t we spend more time in prayer?