20 Steps to Planting and Growing a Church

by | Updated December 27th, 2019

Whether a new church or an existing congregation, there are proven ways to grow any ministry. Pastors often make plans for their church while forgetting to take care of the little things.

A Few Tips to Help Your Church Grow

  1. Make changes slowly.
  2. Set realistic goals.
  3. Chart growth in measurable ways.
  4. Announce office hours and keep them.
  5. Promote a preaching series on pertinent subjects.
  6. Never preach about problems.
  7. Keep your building and meeting places in good condition.
  8. Start services and classes on time.
  9. Bring in diverse guest ministries.
  10. Never fire a volunteer, promote them.
  11. Create job descriptions for all positions.
  12. Develop a training program for teachers.
  13. Develop self-supportive leadership.
  14. Appoint and train elders and deacons.
  15. Use local media to promote the church.
  16. Develop contacts outside the church.
  17. Make connections with community leaders.
  18. Develop a visitation program.
  19. Reach out to the children, elderly and poor in your community.
  20. If someone wants to leave the church, let them go.

If you apply these basic principles your church will grow. It may take time, but persistence and determination will result in a stronger ministry that reaches the community in a powerful way.

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