Church and Ministry

Topics like church planting, ministry training and leadership development are covered here by Ministrymaker’s pastors, teachers, and contributors.

“You never have to advertise a fire. Likewise, when your church is on fire you will not have to advertise it, the community will already know it.” – Leonard Ravenhill

  • 20 Steps to Planting and Growing a Church

    There are proven ways to grow any ministry. Pastors often make plans for their church while forgetting to take care of the little things.

  • A Church Leader’s Biblical Responsibilities

    Church leaders have certain biblical responsibilities placed on them by scripture.

  • A Church’s Responsibility to Its Pastor

    The church has a responsibility to its pastor. Churches often lose great pastors because they minister without ever feeling appreciated.

  • A Church’s Responsibility to Visiting Ministries

    This visiting ministry guide is directed toward the church’s responsibility to preachers, evangelists and musicians who come into the church to minister.

  • A Pastor’s Responsibility to the Church

    The privilege and responsibility God gives pastors is to shepherd those who belong to Him. It’s a great honor, and also a heavy burden. It’s incumbent on us to take our calling seriously.

  • Are You a Preacher or a Pastor?

    Many churches have great preachers, but much more is involved with the pastor’s job than just preaching. The Sunday sermon only highlights what a pastor does.

  • Beginners Guide to Church Planting

    Planting a church is one of the most rewarding things you can do to advance the kingdom, but it can also be very challenging.

  • Bible Commentaries and Reference Guides

    Building a library of Bible commentary and reference guides will help you gain a deeper understanding of scripture, strengthen your faith, and expand your ability to create a powerful sermon or message.

  • Can a Woman be a Pastor?

    Should women be in ministry? Regardless of what you think about women in ministry, many are being used of God to affect people’s lives for His glory.

  • Characteristics of Effective Church Planters

    Based upon Dr. Charles Ridley’s research, he developed a comprehensive list of characteristics that define effective church planters.

  • Church Elder and Deacon Guide

    Every Christian should find their ministry in the church, including those called to be elders, deacons and ushers.

  • Church Merger Tips

    As a pastor it’s hard to watch your membership decline. Is a church merger right for you?

  • Dealing With Conflict in a Ministry Marriage

    There are many books that deal with building healthy marriages, but few deal with the conflicts that can occur between couples in the ministry.

  • Facts About Tithing

    The house of God is neglected when the ones He has called cannot devote all their time to the ministry. The tithe is what God designated to provide for His house.

  • Hospital Visitation Guide

    A well-planned hospital visit brings blessing not only to the patient, but also the pastor, elder or deacon.

  • How to Grow a Small Church

    Growing a small church can be a tremendous challenge, but there are proven ways to take your ministry to the next level. It’s God’s will that our churches grow.

  • How to Motivate Your Congregation

    God wants all believers to be involved in their local congregation. How can pastors motivate members to be more fruitful and productive?

  • How to Perform a Water Baptism

    Water baptism is more than a ritual. It’s a public declaration that reflects a personal faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Itinerant Ministry Guide for Churches

    Whether you have a music, teaching or preaching ministry, Evangleist or Revivalist there are ethical guidelines that must be considered when ministering in another person’s church.

  • Ministry Resume Guide

    Churches hire pastors and ministry leaders based on criteria that is different from what a secular organization requires.

  • Pastoral Prisons

    Pastors must deal with many types of prisons ranging from ones that hinder to ones that are positive.

  • Prosperous Pastoring

    God wants you be prosperous in your ministry and pastoring. This is His purpose for all those He has called and ordained into the ministry. This is God’s will and design for all of His people, but especially for pastors.

  • Sample Baptism Letter

    Below is a sample baptism letter that should be mailed to the candidate at least one week prior to the service.

  • Sample Church Bylaws

    The first documents a new church needs to develop are its constitution, bylaws and statement of faith.

  • Sample Marriage Ceremony

    This sample marriage ceremony is a combination of meaningful scriptures mixed with traditional wedding vows.

  • The Fivefold Ministry

    The fivefold ministry is more than those gifted by God, but are themselves gifts to the body of Christ.

  • The Future of the Church

    What is the future of the church? These are notes from a sermon Dr. Paul E. Paino preached in June of 2000.

  • The Importance of Ushering

    Ushers are often underestimated, but they should never think their ministry is unimportant.

  • The Truth About Water Baptism

    What is the significance of water baptism? How are we to baptize? Is sprinkling or pouring sufficient or is immersion required?

  • Tips to Effective Preaching

    The Bible is full of examples of effective preaching. In Acts 2:14-38 and Acts 3:12-26, Peter ministered in such a way that thousands were saved.

  • Understanding the Call of God

    Being in the ministry can be full a joy. It can also be difficult at times. Only those called of God will survive. Are you sure you are called into the ministry?

  • What is a House Church?

    For Christians searching for a deeper level in their service to God, house churches have become a popular option.