How to Start a Spiritual Conversation

All relationships take time to develop, and a relationship with Christ is no different. Talking to people about spiritual matters does not have to be awkward or uncomfortable. An easy way to start a spiritual conversation with co-workers, friends and family is to use the acronym, FIRM.

Family. Find common ground. Where did you grow up? How long have you lived here? Where are you from? Tell me about your family? Do you have children? How many children do you have?

Interests. Ask about what interests them. Is it sports, schools, hobbies, or work? What do they do for a living?

Religion. The world is very spiritual. Ask questions like, if they have a church in town they attend. What their religious background is. If they think about spiritual things very often. Then, just listen.

Message. Ask them if they are a Christian.

Jack Wellman is a Christian author, freelance writer and bi-vocational pastor of the Mulvane Brethren church in Mulvane, Kansas. With degrees in Biblical Studies, history, and education, Pastor Jack's primary focus is theology, apologetics, outreach, and evangelism.