Holidays and Special Events

Topics like Christmas, Easter and other holidays are covered here by Ministrymaker’s pastors, teachers, and contributors.

“As grace perfects nature, Christian theology turns the water of pagan philosophical learning into the wine of Christian theology.” – Thomas Aquinas

  • A Child is Born and a Son is Given

    Isaiah 9:6 deals with Jesus’ birth, Him being given up for our sins, and His future reign as Kings of Kings.

  • A Christmas Announcement

    Matthew 1:23 is a prophecy of the coming of Christ and an announcement the first Christmas.

  • Christmas Help for Families in Need

    Many families go through hard times during the holiday season. Fortunately, there are organizations that can help.

  • Easter Resurrection: He is Risen

    We pray each of you has a blessed and glorious Easter, your church services are anointed, filled to overflowing. He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

  • Making Room for Jesus

    Will you provide a place for Jesus in your heart and life this Christmas season?

  • New Year Expectations

    Expectation is everything! We receive what we expect and beyond. Let’s expect the Lord to do great things for us and our ministries in the coming new year!

  • The Advice of a Mother

    In John 2, Mary gives a bit of advice to servants at a wedding feast. Can you imagine the miracles that would take place if we would heed her advice?

  • The Hope of Easter

    Easter – the resurrection of Christ, as it did for the disciples, brings fresh hope into our life and situation.

  • The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

    The resurrection of Jesus separates Christianity from all other religions. Without it, faith in Christ would be meaningless.