Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry - Ephesians 4:12

How to Prepare for a Move of God

Every pastor and church leader wants to experience dynamic growth and a fresh, spiritual awakening in their church. Below are a few important things that must happen if you want God to bring power and blessing into your ministry.

  1. There must be unity. In Acts 2:1, the disciples were “all together in one accord and in one place.” It’s impossible to have unity in the local church if people seldom worship, study or fellowship together.
  2. You must hear from God. Many pastors wait until Saturday night then download a sermon for Sunday services. It’s not wrong to use other sources, but if you or your pastor are not trying to hear a fresh word from God your church will be lifeless (Acts 2:2).
  3. You must be filled with the Spirit. Acts 2:4 says they were all “filled with the spirit.” If Christians only operate in the flesh there will be trouble. The only way to be continually filled with the spirit is to spend time with God in prayer, worship and the Word.
  4. Show people something different. For a move of God to occur, people need to see something different, something genuine. Not religiosity, but Christians who say what they mean and mean what they say (Acts 2:15-16).
  5. Support your pastor and ministry leaders. In Acts 2:14, the disciples supported Peter after he denied Jesus. Pastors, elders, deacons, worship leaders, and teachers are subject to failure just like the rest of us. Encourage your leaders by letting them know you support them.
  6. Your church must teach the Word. In Acts 2, Peter quoted large and obscure passages of scripture. The disciples didn’t have the luxury of reading verses from a Bible, they had to know it. If God is going to do a work in people’s hearts, the Word must be used. Study the Bible, but also memorize passages that are meaningful to you.
  7. There must be conviction. When God begins to move, people will be convicted. Many Christians are so concerned about offending people they water down the truth to make it easier for them to digest. God said his Word would, not might, bring conviction (Acts 2:37).

In Acts 2:41-42, new church members were “continually devoting themselves to the Apostles teaching, fellowship and prayer.” While all these things can help your church prepare for a move of God, you must continue to be discipled and held accountable by other Christians. Never stop learning!

Starting in 2001 as a webmaster and contributor for Ministrymaker Magazine, Kim Linton's articles and technology guides have been published on a variety of websites including Woman's Day and Intel, and featured on several news sites including USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.