Our Mission

Launched in the spring of 2001, Ministrymaker Ministries provides training, mentoring, and support to men and women who are entering the ministry, starting a church, or wanting to expand an existing congregation. We help people from all walks of life become better preachers, teachers, and ministry leaders.

Need ministry training? Ministrymaker University offers affordable tuition, grants for low-income students, advanced online courses, and ministerial degrees. Interested in becoming an ordained minister? Our ministerial fellowship offers credentialing and a spiritual covering for pastors and their churches.

Dr. Gary and Kim Linton

Ministrymaker's Mandate

Ministrymaker Ministries has received a mandate from God to gather together leaders, ministers, and churches of like precious faith. The vehicle He has raised up for this gathering of leadership is Ministrymaker Ministerial Fellowship. For more information, watch this message from Dr. Linton.


"Thank you for your ministry which has enabled me to preach on different topics in different situations and has made me a real preacher." - Reuben Rai
"Your ministry has helped me get conviction in my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am so glad to share that this is the first time the knowledge in the scriptures has touched my heart." - Nosheen Victoria
"Thank you for your precious articles. I am really blessed by them and have used many of your points and references in my teaching. They have given me conformation and deep understanding beyond my imagination." - Rajesh Nayak
"The teachings, prayers and encouragement I've received from Ministrymaker have been life changing and such a blessing to me and my husband. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Linton, his beautiful wife, and the ministry God has so graciously bestowed upon them." - Sarah Maloney
"When I first felt the spirit of God urging me to step into ministry, I moved in faith searching for how to start. I found nothing! Growing more frustrated, I finally found Ministrymaker which was the only organization that gave me the help, encouragement and information that I needed." - LaTonya Elias

Latest Articles and Guides

  • Revelation 11 – The Temple and Two Witnesses

    John is told to measure the temple of God, the altar, and the worshipers. The outer court is given to the Gentiles. He’s told of two witnesses who have the power to prophesy for three and a half years.

  • Revelation 10 – A Mighty Angel and a Little Book

    John sees a mighty angel with a little book in his hand and is commanded to take it and eat it. When he does it is sweet as honey to his taste but bitter in his belly.

  • Eternal Security – Truth or Error?

    What does the Bible say about eternal security? Can a Christian lose their salvation? Can one who has been truly saved and born again be lost?

  • Dispensational Truth

    Dispensationalism is a particular hermeneutic system for interpreting the Bible based on a literal translation, and which stands in contrast to the traditional system of covenant theology used in biblical interpretation.