MMU Library

Ministrymaker University has an extensive library which is available to every registered student. Within the library are numerous works on apologetics and philosophy, systematic theology, expository preaching, ministry and leadership, church planting, growth and development, biblical counseling, secular and church history, biographies and autobiographies, studies and lectures on revival, and quality commentaries and word studies.

The resource materials found in MMU’s library cover a broad range of authors, denominations and backgrounds. MMU’s emphasis is primarily on the essentials or fundamentals of the Christian faith. We may not be in complete agreement with everything someone says or writes, but we are content that we are in agreement on the essentials.

There are things we must agree on that are a necessary part of historic Christianity. There are also peripheral areas of theology, which are not essential, that we can disagree with one another over, even have healthy debate concerning, and still maintain an element of the unity of the faith (Ephesians 4:11-13).

All class materials are available through our library. Most classes/books are in PDF format, a few are audio or video, and some may be links to other online sources. A computer, E-Mail address, PDF reader, and Internet connection are prerequisites.

Courses will be issued to students using the materials from our library on an individual basis in accord with the student’s history, education and ministry experience. Credit hours awarded per class will be in accordance with the length of book(s) being studied, the assignments and the extent of each class.

Each student will receive a list of courses, requirements and links to all materials in the MMU Library. They will then be able to download required materials and other study helps in the library to begin their courses.

Download the MMU Catalog

Click on the link above to download the catalog. Depending on which browser you use, the file will download automatically or open in a new window. From the main menu select ‘File’ then ‘Save As’ to save it on your computer/laptop. For more information about downloading and saving files check out Internet Explorer and Firefox.