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“Backsliders like preaching that wouldn’t hit the side of a house, while a real disciple is delighted when the truth brings him to his knees.” – Billy Sunday

  • 12 Scriptures on Being Faithful to God

    God is not looking for perfect people, He is simply searching for those who will be devoted to Him.

  • 13 Scriptures on Friendship

    The friends we choose can change our lives forever. If we choose the wrong type of friend, they can cause irreparable damage.

  • 14 Quotes from Vance Havner

    One of the most influential preachers in recent church history was the late Vance Havner.

  • 20 Quotes from Famous Preachers

    This list of quotes includes gems from well-known preachers whose passion for the lost was evident in every sermon they preached.

  • 20 Scriptures on Deliverance

    Are you facing what seems to be insurmountable opposition and attacks from the enemy? God is about to bring deliverance into your life and situation.

  • A Call to Discipleship

    Discipleship is conformity to Christ and the process of training a believer to carry on the work of Jesus.

  • Are You a Victor or a Victim?

    It’s not God’s design for people to become victims of the things that happen to them. He wants to take us to higher ground.

  • Benefits of the Word of God

    The Bible is a living instruction book that brings blessing and hope to all who read it.

  • Benefits of Trials and Suffering

    Suffering is a very real issue in the body of Christ. It’s something that affects everyone in one way or another.

  • Bethel Series: The Place of an Altar

    Bethel was one of the most sacred places in all the land. Sooner or later every Christian will be led by God to their personal Bethel.

  • Bethel Series: The Place of Blessing

    Bethel is a place where we can experience the blessing of God. A place where we can live in it, walk in it and even feel it.

  • Bethel Series: The Place of Consecration

    Jacob had been to Bethel on two other occasions, but each time he departed from God’s house. He was careless and eventually backslid.

  • Bethel Series: The Place of Divine Presence

    At Bethel, God gives men and women the ability to see Him, not with natural eyes, but with spiritual eyes.

  • Bethel Series: The Place of God’s Direction

    Bethel is a place where God talks to His people, anoints them, and gives divine direction.

  • Bethel Series: The Place of Sanctification

    They were to get rid of foreign gods and anything that was crowding into their lives and pushing God out. They needed to bury them, separate themselves, and sanctify God in their midst.

  • Bethel Series: The Place of Victory

    To be all that God wants us to be, we must enter the house of God and the experiences that pertain to it.

  • Bible Commentaries and Reference Guides

    Building a library of Bible commentary and reference guides will help you gain a deeper understanding of scripture, strengthen your faith, and expand your ability to create a powerful sermon or message.

  • Bible Study: Running the Race

    We must run the race God has set before us with endurance and perseverance. Participants in a race encounter roadblocks, diversions and fatigue, the Christian life is no exception. We must keep pressing on.

  • Bitter Root Expectancy

    When negative things happen over and over again, we start to expect the worse. This bitter root within us not only affects us, but those around us.

  • Breaking Generational Curses: 7 Places Jesus Bled

    Is it possible to have a curse on your life, a business, ministry, or family? Can a curse pass on to succeeding generations?

  • Christmas: A Child is Born and a Son is Given

    Isaiah 9:6 deals with Jesus’ birth, Him being given up for our sins, and His future reign as Kings of Kings.

  • Christmas: Make Room for Jesus

    Will you provide a place for Jesus in your heart and life this Christmas season?

  • Doers of the Word

    Do we put into practice what we hear from God’s Word? We should be doers of the Word, not hearers only. What’s our response when we hear the Word preached?

  • Easter Resurrection: He is Risen

    We pray each of you has a blessed and glorious Easter, your church services are anointed, filled to overflowing. He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

  • Encompassed About

    In all situations of life, God promises to encompass us with His presence, power, and protection.

  • Facts About Tithing

    The house of God is neglected when the ones He has called cannot devote all their time to the ministry. The tithe is what God designated to provide for His house.

  • Faithfulness Required: 1 Corinthians 4:2

    God is not looking for perfection or people who seem to have it all together. He is simply searching for those who will be committed and faithful.

  • Falling Short of the Grace of God

    If God’s grace is not earned, is it possible to fall short of it? Can we be saved but in a place where God’s favor isn’t upon us?

  • Feeding of the 5,000

    Day-to-day ministry may not be as exciting as a special event or crusade but it’s very necessary. The local church is a lot of work, but very necessary.

  • Financial Grace

    Financial breakthroughs are coming your way. God wants His people to experience monetary success and prosperity even in times of hardship in the world.

  • Foot Washing in the Bible

    Should foot washings be practiced by the church today? The account of foot washing is given in John 13:1-17 and was an example Jesus set for us to follow.

  • God is Able

    Do you believe God can do anything? Is there something you’re facing that makes you wonder if God is able to handle it? There are six accounts in the Bible where God declared that nothing is too difficult for Him.

  • God the Evangelist

    God is the true evangelist – we have no power to save ourselves.

  • God’s Plan for Victory

    Victory was God’s original plan for mankind, but it was forfeited through the fall, and is restored through the cross.

  • Grace for Every Need

    Grace is defined as the unmerited or undeserved favor of God. While mercy is not giving us what we deserve, grace is giving us what we don’t deserve – grace for every need.

  • Greater Things: John 1:43-50

    Nathanael’s encounter with Jesus revealed the secrets of his heart and gave him hope for greater things in life than he ever thought possible.

  • Handle It: Exodus 4:1-5

    The situation that you are running from and avoiding, God is calling you to handle. It will not change, until you handle it.

  • How Prison Set Me Free

    What a powerful testimony that someone so far down in the depths could be lifted up so high.

  • How to Resist Sin and Temptation

    When we succumb to sin, we are in danger of becoming its slave. Like fish going after a shiny lure, if we take the bait, death ensues. God’s design is victory!

  • Impacting the World

    We will never be able to make a real impact on our society through legislation and programs alone. Things done in the flesh are doomed to failure.

  • James 1-5 – An Overview

    This is an overview of the book of James paying special attention to all the portions of scripture where James addresses them as my brethren or brethren.

  • James 1:1 – The Lord’s Servant

    A verse by verse study of the book of James, beginning with an in-depth look at James 1:1. To receive the full content watch the video teaching.

  • James 1:12 – The Crown of Life

    There are five crowns mentioned in scripture given as reward at the Judgement Seat of Christ. All five crown are covered in this teaching. 

  • James 1:13-15 – The Battle Within

    In James 1:13-15, James deals with temptation. Where does temptation come from? What is the origin of evil?

  • James 1:16 – Do Not Be Deceived

    There is a deception over the world today like at no other time. We must take every precaution to not be deceived.

  • James 1:17 – The Goodness of God

    James tells us all that is good is from above. We serve a God who is pure, unadulterated goodness.

  • James 1:18 – Born of God

    The Bible makes it clear that God sought after us, not us after Him. It was of His own will that we are living for Him today.

  • James 1:2-4 – Count it All Joy

    The Bible admonishes us to consider it all joy when we experience trials, knowing that God will ultimately work it out for our good.

  • James 1:5-8 – If Any of You Lack Wisdom

    If we lack wisdom, James tells us to ask God and He will give us all we need to deal with the circumstances of life.

  • James 1:9-11 – Reason for Rejoicing

    Rich and poor, affluent and impoverished, influential and insignificant – all have reason for rejoicing in the kingdom of God.

  • John 2: The Advice of a Mother

    In John 2, Mary gives a bit of advice to servants at a wedding feast. Can you imagine the miracles that would take place if we would heed her advice?

  • Keys to an Abundant Life

    God’s plan and design for us is to experience abundance of life. Most never experience life to the extent they were meant to. Jesus came to give us an abundant life.

  • Led by the Holy Spirit

    Being led by the Holy Spirit is a major characteristic of the believer and a integral part of Christian living. The Holy Spirit teaches guides us according to God’s plan and purpose.

  • Leviticus 14:1-6: The Cleansing of Leprosy

    This passage is in reference to the cleansing of a leper. Leprosy is symbolic and is a type of sin and therefore symbolizes Jesus’ blood cleansing sinners of their sin.

  • Life Restored: 2 Kings 8:1

    Many people are breathing, but they are not living. God wants His people to have life more abundantly.

  • New Year Expectations

    God promises in the coming new year the germination of the seeds and the harvest will occur in the same month.

  • Relationships Restored: 2 Corinthians 5:17-19

    Jesus came to restore our relationship with God through salvation. When this happens you are new creation, born again. Pastor Greg explains what that really means in your life.

  • Requirements to Benefit from the Word

    To receive the full benefit and value from the Word of God, there are specific requirements or prerequisites that must be implemented.

  • Sample Marriage Ceremony

    This sample marriage ceremony is a combination of meaningful scriptures mixed with traditional wedding vows.

  • Scriptures on the Faithfulness of God

    God’s faithfulness is displayed throughout the Bible and is still testified to by people today.

  • Similarities Between Leprosy and Sin

    Leprosy was used in the Bible as a powerful illustration of the devastating power of sin in our lives.

  • Sources of Joy: 1 John 1:4

    If God’s desire is to fill His people with joy, why does joy elude us? How can we tap into the joy of the Lord?

  • Spiritual Inclusiveness

    Jesus paid the price that all might be included into His kingdom and family. It’s all-inclusive.

  • Taking the Land: Psalm 37

    Taking the land not only refers to Israel entering the promise land, but believers entering into all God has for them.

  • Taking the Land: The Next Generation

    God is raising up a new generation of spiritual warriors who will far surpass all that their predecessors accomplished.

  • The Battle is Not Yours: 2 Chronicles 20:1-4

    So many times, we get caught up fighting battles that God never intended for us to fight.

  • The Blessed Hope of Christians

    Hope is a necessity of life, and the enemy of our souls attempts to drain every ounce of it from us that he can.

  • The First Christmas: Matthew 1:23

    Matthew 1:23 is a prophecy of the coming of Christ and an announcement the first Christmas.

  • The Hope of Easter

    Easter – the resurrection of Christ, as it did for the disciples, brings fresh hope into our life and situation.

  • Tips to Effective Preaching

    The Bible is full of examples of effective preaching. In Acts 2:14-38 and Acts 3:12-26, Peter ministered in such a way that thousands were saved.

  • True Spirituality

    The Pharisees seemed outwardly perfect but Jesus called them hypocrites. How can we tell if we are really spiritual?

  • Vision Restored: Mark 8:22-25

    God not only gives you a vision, but He restores a vision for your life.

  • Where is God in Our Pain?

    There are times when God seems to withdraw from us. Because of our emotions, we usually don’t feel the presence of God during a crisis.