Video Sermons and Messages

Watch sermons, topical messages, and video teachings by Dr. Linton and other anointed pastors and ministry leaders. These faith-building videos will increase your understanding of the Word and help equip you for the work of the ministry. Each video includes an accompanying article, outline, or transcript.

Video Messages by Dr. Gary Linton

The Book of James

An Overview of James – An overview of the Book of James covering references to my brethren, brethren, and my beloved brethren. Read more
James 1:1 | The Lord’s Servant – James, the Lord’s servant, is writing to those who were rejected and scatted abroad. Special attention is given to the words doulos and diaspora. Read more
James 1:2-4 | Count it All Joy – The Bible admonishes us to count it all joy when we experience various trials, knowing that God will ultimately work it out for our good. Read more
James 1:5-8 | If Any of You Lack Wisdom – If we lack wisdom, James tells us to ask God and He will give us all that we need to deal with the circumstances we find ourselves in. Read more
James 1:9-11 | Reason for Rejoicing – Rich and poor, affluent and impoverished, influential and insignificant – all have reason for rejoicing in the kingdom of God. Read more
James 1:12 | The Crown of Life – James gives a word of encouragement to those who endure the trials of life. Once we have passed the test, God will reward us with the Crown of Life. Read more

Topical Messages

1 Kings 17-18 | Keys to Effective Praying – What are the secrets to an effective prayer life? The goal of prayer is to see God’s will implemented in the affairs of men. Read more
2 Timothy 4:2 | Tips to Effective Preaching – The Bible is full of examples of effective preaching. In Acts 2:14-38, Peter ministered in such a way that thousands were saved. Read more
1 John 1:4 | Sources of Joy – If God’s desire is to fill His people with joy, why is joy alluding us, and how can we tap into the joy of the Lord? Read more
Luke 18:1 | Why Christians Don’t Pray – The average Christian spends less than ten minutes each day in prayer. Why don’t we spend more time in prayer? Read more
Matthew 6:19-13 | The Lord’s Prayer – Prayer should be the heartbeat of the Christian life, and the Lord’s prayer is a perfect example of how we should pray. Read more
1 Peter 3:20-21 | A Study on Water Baptism – What is the significance of water baptism? How are we to baptize? Is sprinkling or pouring sufficient or is immersion required? Read more
Psalm 37 | Taking the Land – Taking the land not only refers to Israel entering the promise land, but also believers entering into all God has for them. Read more
Joshua 1:3 | Taking the Land: The Next Generation – God is raising up a new generation of spiritual warriors who will far surpass all that their predecessors accomplished. Read more
Psalm 32:7 | Encompassed About – When surrounded by demonic hosts and situations of life, God promises to encompass us with His power and protection. Read more
1 Samual 12:23 | Prayerlessness a Sin – When we fail to pray for people, even those in rebellion, we sin against the Lord. Prayerlessness, not praying, is sin. Read more
Isaiah 59:1-2 | Hindrances to Prayer – To have an effective prayer life we must remove all hindrances to our prayers. If our prayer life isn’t fruitful we must find the root cause and reverse it. Read more
Mark 1:16-20 | A Call to Discipleship – God is giving a renewed call to discipleship. He wants us to go beyond simply being believers to being followers of Jesus Christ. Read more
Breaking Generational Curses: 7 Places Jesus Bled – There are various types of curses we may encounter, but generational curses are the most prevalent. Read more

Video Sermons by Pastor Greg Harvey

Mark 2:1-5 | Real Friends – When someone is hurting, lost, confused, or in trouble, a true friend will do whatever it takes to get them to Jesus. Read more
1 Samuel 20:24-27 | The Empty Seat – King Saul was having a great meal, however, he couldn’t enjoy it because of who wasn’t there. Read more
Exodus 4:1-5 | Handle It – Why did God turn Moses’ staff into a serpent? What mighty thing is God wanting to do if you will stop running and handle it? Read more
2 Chronicles 20:1–15 | The Battle is Not Yours – Do you feel like you are in a battle you can’t win? The good news is the battle is not yours! Read more
John 1:43–50 | Greater Things – Nathanael’s encounter with Jesus revealed the secrets of his heart and gave him hope for greater things than he ever thought possible. Read more