Our Vision

The mission of MMU is to provide accredited distance learning training and degrees for those wanting to be involved in Christian ministry, those already in ministry, and those wanting to fine-tune their ministry skills.

Our desire is to help you fulfill your vision and the purpose for which God called you. MMU offers balanced theological and Biblical training for anyone who feels the call of God, regardless of background, gender, race or national origin.

Ministrymaker University is an accredited Bible college and theological seminary with one affordable tuition fee for each degree offered. All classes and credit hours within a degree program are provided with no hidden costs.

This does not mean that a student’s degree will not be well earned. Each class will require study, diligence and commitment on behalf of the student.

A mentor will be assigned to students to give guidance, assist them through their course of study, and to encourage the completion of their degree. We hope, when possible, a student’s pastor or overseer in ministry will be able to come alongside MMU and serve as their mentor.