Articles by Greg Harvey

About Greg Harvey
Greg Harvey is the pastor of CornerStone Worship Center in Bedford, Indiana. Pastor Greg is an anointed preacher with a vision for missions, leadership development and church planting.

  • Greater Things

    Nathanael’s encounter with Jesus revealed the secrets of his heart and gave him hope for greater things in life.

  • Handle It

    The situation that you are running from and avoiding, God is calling you to handle. It will not change, until you handle it.

  • Life Restored

    Many people are breathing, but they are not living. God wants His people to have life more abundantly.

  • Real Friends

    We should be real friends to those around us, and do what ever it takes to bring them to Jesus.

  • Relationships Restored

    Jesus came to restore our relationship with God through salvation. When this happens you are new creation, born again.

  • The Battle is Not Yours

    Many times we get caught up fighting battles that God never intended for us to fight.

  • The Empty Seat

    King Saul was having a great meal, however, he couldn’t enjoy it because of who wasn’t there.

  • Vision Restored

    God not only gives you a vision, but He restores a vision for your life.